Justin Timberlake Sings About Make-Up Sex In His Latest Video

And, finally, finds himself in the woods!

Justin Timberlake’s new non-country album, Man of the Woods, is out today. In celebration, the singer released a video for the titular song, which finally finds him in the woods, with wife Jessica Biel, singing about make-up sex.

Or so we think based on the first verse of the song:

Hey, sugar plum, look at where we are/ So tonight, if I take it too far, that's okay because you know/ I hear the making up's fun/ Been a minute since we've had some time to breathe/ So if you see another side of me, that's okay because you know/ I hear the making up's fun

Then, he seems to go on to explain that he and Biel go at it more than once and that they have sex loud enough for everyone to hear?? Information he probably could've kept to himself. Add in the fact that this song is named after their son, Silas, and things get even weirder. All of this is masked though by the upbeat tempo and Timberlake’s giddy demeanor throughout the video.

Sexual innuendo aside, it’s a cute video. And, at least, we finally got this man in the damn woods. Not only that, he wears several flannels, dances in a cabin, and drifts in a canoe at one point. Silas, this is your lumberjack future.

Watch the video, below.