Justin Timberlake Take Back the Night Video

determining the reality of jt’s new york city.

by steff yotka

Justin Timberlake's new video for “Take Back the Night” dropped this afternoon, and it's actually pretty cool. We say this because JT goes back to his roots as a dancer, breaking out some fresh moves along the sidewalks of New York City. It's no “Rock Your Body” video–the gold standard of Timberlake dance vids–but it is definitely a refreshing change from the dramatic and serious music videos he loves.

His dancing footage is spliced with video shot at his concert at Yankee Stadium earlier this July, also making this vid his most New York-centric ever. Oh Justin, we can give you honorary New Yorker status, but first we gotta address the facts and fictions in “Take Back the Night”.


1. STREET PARKING IN CHINATOWN: No one has ever parked their car on the street in Chinatown. Not once, not ever. Those cars parked there are like sculptures in residence.

2. WHITE SNEAKERS THAT STAY WHITE: After walking around NYC for about 15 seconds your white shoes will be transformed into a dusty shade of beige. They must have had a sneaker cleaner on call for this video shoot to keep JT's pearly white.

3. HATS: Every time a TV show or movie wants to make someone look like a New York hipster they put a hat on them. Never in my life have a seen fourpeople all together wearing hats that weren't at or going to a sporting event.


1. GARBAGE: Even if the sidewalk itself is miraculously clean in this video, the curb does have two garbage bags stacked on it. Usually this number is about seven in real life, but we'll take it anyway.

2. UNEXPECTED FRIEND MEET-UPS: You can't leave your apartment without getting dressed up because you will run into someone you know at least once a day.

3. SECRET NIGHTCLUBS IN THE BACK OF CHINESE RESTAURANTS: Definitely a thing. I've seen it. Dim sum and dancing go great together.

4. IMPROMPTU STREET DANCING: This is actually the best part of living in New York. From the subways to the sidewalks, there's always someone busting a move.