Justin Timberlake TKO

on the heels of “reflektor” and “tko,” we pick the best long songs ever.

by liza darwin

This morning Justin Timberlake dropped his newest banger upon the world-- otherwise known as the glitchy, groovy, sure-to-be-radio-hit "TKO." Coming in at 7:07, the track isn't quite as long as the 8:21 version of "Mirrors." But still, it does hint at the length of the musician's forthcoming The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 album, which clocks in at a total of 74 minutes and 28 seconds. That is a long time. 

Which begs the question: when it comes to a song, how long is too long? If you ask us, anything over 5 minutes is considered "long." But the ones that are really, really long--over 6 minutes--and still manage to be good are few and far between. Below, we've picked our favorite extra-long songs that are worth tuning out to. See them below and add your favorites on Facebook

The Song: Tame Impala - "Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control"

The Time: 6:00

Why It's Worth Listening Through: The name alone suggests that this track is on the long side--but it's impossible to get bored by it, as the psych-rock track rolls from part to part. This is no verse-chorus-verse-chorus song; rather, you get everything from soaring anthems to trippy jam moments. And yeah, I might have spent the better part of the last year using the line, "Nothing that has happened so far has been anything we could control," as a way of explaining just about everything.--REBECCA WILLA DAVIS

The Song: Of Montreal "The Past is a Grotesque Animal"

The Time: 11:54

Why It's Worth Listening Through: This is probably the most epic song about a debilitating break-up ever. You don't have to be going through relationship issues for the song to hit you like a punch to the gut--and yes, six years since it came out and I can still recite the entire thing by heart. "But you know, no matter where we are / We're always touching by underground wires...."--RWD

The Song: LCD Soundsystem "Dance Yrself Clean"

The Time: 8:59

Why It's Worth Listening Through: At just under nine minutes long, "Dance Yrself Clean" by LCD Soundsystem is the perfect length song to do just that. It starts out slow and builds into a crescendo of synthesizer beats and sharp vocals that will be sure to get your hair swinging and your hips moving. --RACHEL ASTER PERLMAN

The Song: Panda Bear "Bros"

The Time: 12:38 

Why It's Worth Listening Through: Clocking in at 12:38, "Bros" by Panda Bear is my long form jam. It's repetitive and trippy--qualities you'd think would suck to listen to for almost 13 minutes--but because of Panda Bear's chanting vocals and its sunny Beach-Boys-meets-LSD vibe, it's the perfect song to play driving up the PCH or at least pretending you are.  -- STEFF YOTKA

The Song: Arcade Fire "Reflektor" 

The Time: 7:34

Why It's Worth Listening Through: The Arcade Fire crew aren't exactly strangers to long tracks--at least three songs on The Suburbs were over 5 minutes--but at 7:34, "Reflektor" really goes beyond. But c'mon! It's Arcade Fire, it's disco-inflected, and it's totally enchanting. Plus, after all that buildup and a mysterious campaign, you'd better hope the band's new single doesn't disappoint...and it didn't. Not only does the song have David Bowie's stamp of approval, but you'll automatically find yourself chanting "It's a reflektor" under your breath pretty much immediately.  -- LIZA DARWIN

The Song: Braids "Lemonade"

The Time: 6:47

Why It's Worth Listening Through: Granted, at 6:47, this track falls on the "shorter" end of the "long" song spectrum. But I have to admit, it might've been the first long-ish song I've truly fallen in love with and definitely the only one to hit the Top 25 Most Played on my iPod. The pitter-patter sounds in the beginning, the twinkly melodies, and no-holds-barred lyrics (Google them!) make this a total six-minute stunner. --LD