The Kardashians’ Birthday Video For Kris Jenner Is Pure Magic

this is a gift for everyone

by jenny lee

People give the Kardashians a hard time, but really, they're just like us. They, too, love making home videos for their mother's birthday. Of course, when your mom is Kris Jenner, though, the caliber is going to be a little bit different.

First, we have to provide some background: 30 years ago, Kris Jenner made a video for her 30th birthday, putting her own spin on the Randy Newman song "I Love L.A." It featured Jenner driving around and pointing out all the spots she loves in the city. Fun! While that original video is fantastic in its own right, the Kardashians took it to a new level for Jenner's 60th. The Kardashian-Jenner daughters took it upon themselves to recreate their mother's video with an updated version of the song that's starting to make us think that 60 may actually be a better age than 30 ever will be.

Jenner may have abandoned the Cheesecake Factory in favor of Nobu, but we're glad to see she's still enjoying Costco.