Get Hooked On Kari Faux’s “This Right Here,” Right Now

donald glover’s favorite rapper on the rise

Last summer, we professed our love for Arkansas-based rapper Kari Faux and predicted big things for her bright future. Her grimy, ethereal beats and organic voice could only go so long without being downloaded en masse, and with her latest single fresh out of the studio, it looks like Faux's prophecy is about to be fulfilled.

Naturally, we're premiering the music video for this new single right here. No really, it's called "This Right Here." The video follows the southern emcee as she makes her way through a house party. “While visiting for the holidays in L.A., [producer] Black Party's family stopped by during the music making process. Black had started on the beat, and his brother Marcus came up with the hook," says Faux of the song. "What seemed like a joke, at first, ended up sticking, and 'This Right Here' was made. It’s a fun song about enjoying yourself and having a good time, ya know? Don’t take yourself too seriously.”

Don't let the clip's nostalgic, home video vibe trick you: Faux comes busting in with "my party, my crew" swagger—an aggressively confident force to be reckoned with. "Hold my f****in' phone, this right here my song," she snarls through the chorus. Through the lyrics and the beat, Faux commands you to get up and dance, and you'll honestly find it difficult to disobey.

In case you're unfamiliar, Faux is also a part of the Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino's family of creatives. (After Faux's tweets caught his attention, Glover traveled all the way to Little Rock to work with her.) Her debut full-length album Lost En Los Angeles will be released independently on April 8, pre-order it here.

Dive into Faux's world through the video, below.