Karmin Cant Feel My Face The Weeknd Cover Video

you’ve never heard the weeknd like this

The Weeknd’s “Cant Feel My Face” is decidedly one of the talented, maxi-haired recording artist’s most pop-sounding songs. It’s rife with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones vibes and has truly made the Canadian a household name, even if he's famous for his dark side. Covers of "Can't Feel My Face" are all over the Internet, but none have the tongue-in-cheek panache of Karmin’s.

The pop duo went back to its roots for this one. As a refresher: Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan shot to viral fame with their fun, unique covers on YouTube. The two currently working on their second album. For now, turn this up and get your feet moving. (Plus, if you're digging it, check out "Didn't Know You.") It’s more Charleston than Moonwalk, but hey, a party’s a party. Get down either way. You’ll love it.