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the weirdest celebrity couple news you’ll hear all day

kat + josh! kat + josh!

by nylon

Kat Dennings is dating Josh Groban. I know what you're thinking: Is Mercury in retrograde? Should I be wearing a tin foil hat? A quick Google search will confirm all of your suspicions. The short answer: Yes. Phew! you think. After a moment, the thought settling in your brain, you realize something: It's still strange. How in the world did that happen? What friends do they have in common? What was it about Groban's Tinder picture that made Kat swipe right?

After all, Kat Dennings is one seriously hilarious, outspoken, talented woman. Not someone we'd necessarily pair with Josh Groban, the non-funny version of Nickelback [Ed. Note: Is Nickelback funny? No one told me Nickelback was funny.], the man most famous for a Christmas song, the eye candy of soccer moms across the US, a walking, talking set of perfectly coiffed eyebrows... But then again, she did retweet his oh-so punny "I just shipped my pants," so there's that.

But, to each his own, and we wish the best of luck to Dennings and Groban, because Kat is our favorite creature in the world. So, Josh, if you hurt her, we are coming for you. Just a friendly word of advice.