Kate Moss Topshop Sneak Peek

kate moss for topshop, plus watch the palo alto trailer!

by liza darwin

First the poster,

now the new trailer for

Palo Alto 

has landed! Watch it below and get ready to swoon. (



Need something to tide you over until Kate Moss' comeback Topshop collection hits stores? This video below should help. In the meantime, we have one thing to say: bring on the glitter. (


Cancel your plans this weekend, because Anna Kendrick is coming to SNL, with musical guest Pharrell! Get pumped up with her teaser. (



Apparently Courtney Love is looking into making a Nirvana musical happen. Get the deets. (

Pigeons and Planes


The song itself is reason enough to fall in love with Mapei's "Don't Wait," but the outfit inspiration and styling in the video here makes it a MUST-watch. (



The XO/Weeknd clothing line now includes womenswear, too! Get a first look (



New Lana Del Rey has leaked! Listen to "Meet Me In the Pale Moonlight" here...over and over again. (