Kate Nash

the singer shares her stage makeup secrets.

by liza darwin

Makeup artists and a team of beauty pros are a given for big events and massive performances--but when it comes to touring, chances are our favorite musicians are the ones doing their makeup themselves. And after night after night of shows, they've had plenty of practice getting the look down pat. Whether it's just-rolled-out-of-bed curls, smudgy black eyeliner, or the bright red lip that you can spot even from the back row, we're quizzing some of the best indie acts on their signature beauty looks. That way, you can get them yourself...even if you're not on the bill tonight. 

First up is Kate Nash, whose shadowy eye look was a trademark when she first burst on the scene with "Foundations" in 2007. However, nowadays the London musician has swapped layers of powder for a cat eye. The trick to getting the perfect flick? Nash says the key is keeping the line thin."I used to work with a girl called Deepa in the next town next to mine, and she wore extremely dark eyeliner all around her eyes," she told us. "She had the biggest perfect cat eyes I have ever seen, but she warned me about doing black eyeliner. She had started doing the line so thick that she felt she had to keep it up everyday and ended up being done up for a night out every morning!"

Other Nash rules: you can try out different shape variations ("You should experiment with starting right in the base of the eye, half way across or see if the all you need is a flick at the end," she said), but stay consistent with your liner. "I always use an eye liner, never eye shadow or pencil," she said. "My favourite is Mac Liquidlast Liner---I have tried millions of eyeliners but never found one quite as perfect as this! (Millions may be an exaggeration!)."

See Kate Nash's makeup in action in her new "Fri-End?" video below!