Let’s Play Would You Rather With Author Katie Heaney!

Would you rather only listen to No Doubt or Hanson for the next 10 years?

by Hafeezah Nazim

Would you rather play a game of Would You Rather or watch someone else have to answer a bunch of difficult questions? The latter, right? Obviously.

Well, you're in luck, because, recently, we played Would You Rather with author Katie Heaney, whose smart, funny memoir, about coming out in her late 20s, is out now. Titled Would You Rather?, it's also our book club pick for March. Watch as Heaney reveals whether or not she'd rather have access to Harry Styles' wardrobe or Kristen Stewart's, and so many more totally relevant, important questions.

See Heaney's Would You Rather picks, and be sure to get a copy of her book, here


Camera: Dani Okon & Charlotte Prager

Editor: Dani Okon