Katy Perry Goes Full-On ‘Black Mirror’ In The “Chained To The Rhythm” Video

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Even if you wanted to, there's no looking away from Katy Perry's latest music video. Directed by Mathew Cullen, "Chained To The Rhythm" transplants viewers into a future reminiscent of The Jetsons at a retro amusement park. In the pastel-toned world of Oblivia, the pop star seems to be the only individual roaming around the grounds. 

All of the other people around her are super in sync as they step in line at the same time and wear nothing but excited expressions on their faces. While everyone else is caught up in a superficial portrayal of reality, Perry struggles to keep up with the brainwashed crowd. After Skip Marley busts through a television screen and disrupts Perry from her state of delusion, the audience goes completely mad. 

When the single was initially released, we noted that it was a commentary on being trapped in a bubble of ignorant bliss. When Perry performed the song live for the first time at the Grammy Awards, she kicked the political up a notch by stepping out in a pantsuit—a nod to her idol Hillary Clinton—and an armband that read “Persist” in honor of Elizabeth Warren with a backdrop of the Constitution projected behind her.

Watch the entire visual, below.