Watch Katy Perry’s H&M Holiday Commerical

featuring a brand new song

For their much-hyped holiday commercial starring Katy Perry, H&M recruited Gaga collaborator Jonas Åkerlund to film a two-minute ad disguised as a Katy Perry video, because that's what the holidays are about (selling you things). Perry is the face of the retail giant's holiday campaign, which means she recorded her first seasonal song called "Every Day Is a Holiday," which sounds like a B-side off her last record.

The commercial is every bit the kind of cartoon cornucopia you'd expect from maximalists like Perry and Åkerlund, tossing in just about every Christmas trope you can think of (dancing x-mas trees, gingerbread men, and nutcrackers) with some very Perry touches thrown in (aquamarine wigs, a shirtless Sean O'Pry). But despite all the imagery here being obviously Christmas themed, that word is nowhere to be found, with Perry wishing us a "happy and merry holidays" at the end. So expect some people to freak out at H&M and Katy Perry, especially this woman.