Conspiracy Theorists Are Convinced Katy Perry Is A Murdered Pageant Kid

really though?

If there's one thing that modern culture's love of Gillian Flynn novels and true-crime podcasts have resulted in, it's conspiracy theories. And the latest—which really has no evidence backing it up—is a pretty wild one.

Originally posted in 2014, a video claiming that Katy Perry is the late pageant queen JonBenet Ramsey has started to get some major traction. The video relies on two major meaningless facts to prove its point: Katy Perry looks like an older version of the child, and her parents look kind of similar to the Ramsey parents. When coupled with a creepy voiceover and plenty of zoomed-in photo "evidence," it's easy to get carried away by the thrill of a conspiracy. This link, however, does not consider the fact that Perry was born six year before Ramsey, in a different state, nor that Ramsey's mother passed away in 2006. So, it's about time to let JonBenet Ramsey rest in peace already.

It seems the internet will do anything for a good conspiracy theory. After all, a lot of people do think Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer.*

*Ted Cruz is not the zodiac killer.

(via Cosmopolitan)