Katy Perry Taps Migos For A Tasty Club Bop

‘Bon Appétit,’ KatyCats

When Katy Perry initially revealed the artwork for her forthcoming single with Migos, the image made many people feel uncomfortable. (Dare we say it triggered some Get Out anxiety.) Prior to that, she teased the song by emailing all the KatyCats a recipe to bake the “World’s Best Cherry Pie.” 

Despite the ill-advised lead-up, though, Perry's single, "Bon Appétit," isn't as suspect as the promos would suggest. The song is pretty straightforward: Perry sings about feeding her partner's sexual appetite with pleasures galore. We're not really sure where it fits on the "purposeful pop" spectrum, but there's no denying the groove factor served on this track. The chorus goes as follows:

'Cause I'm all that you want, boy

All that you can have, boy

Got me spread like a buffet

Bon appétit, baby

Appetite for seduction

Fresh out the oven

Melt in your mouth kind of lovin'

Bon appétit, baby

Unlike "Chained To The Rhythm," this song is bursting with energy. Right before it gets a little too corny with the food puns, Migos swoops in and saves the song with their flavorful prose to turn it into a real club banger. Migos have been dominating the charts following the release of their debut album, Culture, and their presence is super welcome here.

Perry is scheduled to make a guest appearance for the season finale of Saturday Night Live on May 20. Stream the new single, below.