music video: katy perry

tiger emoji meet katy perry.

by steff yotka

You know how sometimes your sitting on the loo, looking for something to do, and you strike up a text message conversation with your BFFs while never admitting your texting from the potty? Well, Katy Perry definitely does, because the just-released lyrics video for her new track “Roar” is entirely comprised of animated emoji messages between Perry and her friends (including her stylist Johnny Wujek, who also happens to be one of our fave ANTM judges), some of which she sends out from her bathroom.

The track was leaked online yesterday, one day before it's slated release, and is available on iTunes today for you to download and sing along to. It's an upbeat anthem of girl power, with a lot of tiger motifs and inspirational lyrics that translate surprisingly well to emojis.

In the lyrics video allows you to peek in on Perry's texting style and also catch snippets of her going about her day, from working out on the Stair Master to taking a bath. We don't really recommend texting while bathing, unless you're OK with your phone taking an aquatic adventure it might not survive.

Watch the video and try to come up with your own emoji versions of the lyrics. We'll show you ours if you show us yours!