Katy Perry Insults A Fan’s Ex-Boyfriend On WhatsApp

+ gives some good advice.

UPDATE: As everyone expected, the message is apparently false. 

If there's one lesson to be learned today, it's that if you're going to come for Katy Perry, she may just come for you. In front of thousands of her supporters.

During the Melbourne stop on her Prismatic Tour, Perry got a hold of an audience member's phone. She was messaging her ex-boyfriend, and the last thing he wrote was, "Lol I heard she can't sing live at all." Well, it turns out the singer took offense to this, and decided to send him a message. While all we know for sure is that Perry sent him a selfie, there's an image floating around that shows what she may or may not have written back. Yes, it may very well be Photoshopped, but it's pretty funny to think that the top-paid woman in entertainment would get so angry at a nine-word comment that she felt the need to expell a slew of profanities. 

Also, remember: Don't text your ex, unless, of course, it will spur a viral meme. 

Photo via WhatsApp