Photo by Brianna Agcaoilli via Atlantic Records


Kehlani Fires Back With A Passion On “Did I”

“cause i been hard, i write every word, and they been bars”

Kehlani is not the same artist we knew when we first met her; now she's got that sweet Grammy nomination under her belt. Last week she released a heartbreaking ballad, and now she's dropping a heated battle song. On her latest Pop and Oak-produced single "Did I," it seems like Kehlani has a message for anyone out there talking smack. She really serves up some brutal truth in the chorus as she asks, "Did I hurt your feelings when I stunted like that?" and "Did I hurt your feelings when I hustled like that?"

From the jump, Kehlani has never put up a front—she keeps everything real and does not tolerate fakeness. She truly started at the bottom, and now that she's riding the wave to success, and it is in her nature to give credit where's it due to the people that deserve it. The real dig is when she spits the line, "You think you playing in my league, but you couldn't catch up if I took a break and vacation for weeks on top of weeks." Stream the hot track, below.