Keke Palmer Isn’t Just “Bossy,” She’s Her Own Boss

C’mon Miss Independent

Keke Palmer doesn't need no man. As she says in her new song, "Bossy," all she needs is a bag. And you know who's buying it for her? Miss Keke is, of course. "I'm my own boss," she says. "I got my own cash."

This year is Palmer's year for the taking. She's gone independent—if you couldn't tell by the song—and created her own record label. "Not just for myself, but hopefully for other young artists that are looking to change their own musical careers while having and receiving the support/nurturing environment they need to grow," she says. 

With a song like "Bossy," it's easier to both talk the walk and walk the talk. The "super-empowering" place she's in musically is evident. Girl's gone and put the work in, so she can celebrate the good life. Expect this and more independent women anthems when she drops her new album later this year. Until then, catch this swagger and set an intention to be your own boss in 2018. We've got a little surprise comin' later this month with Palmer herself that should inspire you to do just that.