Kelly Clarkson Covers Lana Del Rey’s ‘Off To The Races’

get it, girl

by jenny lee

Thank goodness Kelly Clarkson listens to her fans because some magic happens when she does. Clarkson recently told Entertainment Weekly that for her Piece by Piece summer tour, her team does "a fan request every show, letting someone in the audience pick a song for us to cover," and this has included everyone from Rihanna to Nick Jonas to Miley Cyrus.

Her latest fan request asked her to sing a song by Lana Del Rey called "Off To The Races" on her Born To Die album, and needless to say, Clarkson killed it. While one may not immediately think to connect the two artists, who have enormously different musical aesthetics, Clarkson's cover was a masterful interpretation of the song and a tip of the hat to Del Rey, who recently released her music video for "High By The Beach."

(via Entertainment Weekly)