God Knows Kelsy Karter Has Tried

Watch the blues-y singer own her love for the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle in an all-new video

Less than a week after the release of her latest single "God Know's I've Tried," Kelsy Karter reveals the visuals to the track exclusively with NYLON.

Take a step back in time with "little Karter," as the singer's mini-me mouthes over her raspy cries in the blues-y ode to trying your best in a life of rock 'n' roll. "I wasn't a bad kid, but I was a mischievous one," Karter tells us. "I hung out with boys with long hair, spilled milk a lot, and loved jumping to the wrong side of the tracks now and then. My dream was to join the circus and make music and love and experience absolute chaos all the time. I embrace who I am, and I want the kids to follow suit." 

The track truly kicks in, and suddenly Little Karter is all grown up, riding in the back of a car with the boys with the long hair, glitter on their faces and not a care in the world what people think. She's burning the book of rules to live by, owning up to her flaws but not ashamed of them: "I've been breaking hearts, stealing cars/ Taking shit to walk on Mars/ Don't ever say sorry, don't mean I'm not sorry," Karter did what she had to do to pursue what she wanted (and had a hell of a lot of fun doing it). When she cites her major influences like Queen, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones, it's easy to hear their echoes in her work. "So let me speak some truth to you/ I'd do it all again times two," Karter declares before a choir joins in for the last anthemic chorus. She's a true rock star deep down, and ready for the world to see it too. 

Be prepared to fall in love with her rock 'n' roll lifestyle in the video, above.