Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images


kendall jenner shaves her legs in a car during fashion week


There comes a time in everyone's life where they must make a choice. For many Fashion Week-goers, that choice is whether or not they should take time out of their packed schedules to shave their legs and risk tardiness. Such a time came for model-slash-collaborative-designer-slash-reality-TV'er Kendall Jenner. Her decision? To shave her legs in the backseat of a car because, priorities. 

Using only a water bottle and a cheap dollar-store razor, Jenner dry shaved her way to hairless, most likely irritated legs. Upon reading this last sentence, you probably cringed. We imagine that it wasn't the most ideal situation for Jenner to be in, but let's remember that she's a model who can't miss her call time. And it's actions like these that have added to her track record of being a professional model—one whose popularity doesn't solely rest on her celebrity.