See LOVE’s Advent Calendar Bloopers Starring Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, And More

including zendaya, kris jenner, pam anderson, and (fake) chloë sevigny!

LOVE’s advent video calendar was our rock this holidays. Every single day, it offered yet another bizarre, sexy, often wet celeb giving us their steamiestsilliest looks for the season. Even the bad ones were pretty good and, hey, we got Sexy Left Shark, Zendaya in space, Sexy Forest Fire, and Kris Jenner giving her best Ariel from The Little Mermaid impression. It was a gift we were blessed to receive.

Now that the season is over and the calendar closed, all we have left are the memories—oh, and this five-minute-long blooper reel of the flubs, falls, and other not-ready-for-primetime moments from LOVE's marathon video shoot. It's like finding an extra present hidden behind the tree!

Obviously, there's more of Kendall Jenner screaming and (attempting) to wear a shark costume in heels. Certainly, you're getting more of Kris Jenner being somewhat awkward in a pool. But there's also Christina Milian being consumed by smoke, Bella Hadid as a confused Wonder Woman, and Pam Anderson smearing herself in cake. Other stars—or are they victims?—include Alessandra Ambrosio, Zendaya, Miranda Kerr, and Drew Droege as Chloë Sevigny.

Lucky Blue Smith seems to have gotten the worst of it, suffering from a seemingly unending hail of inflatable monkeys, donuts, and assorted objects. Then again, we kind of enjoy seeing male models get pelted with things, so we don't feel sorry for him. Maybe LOVE can offer that up as a regular feature. Make it happen, people.

Whatever you personally prefer to see get pelted by objects, click play and enjoy. It's all in there.