Kendall Jenner Has A Dance-Off With Santa

in her skivvies, no less.

by sara tardiff

The coolest thing in our advent calendar is usually a milk chocolate truffle. But that all changes this year because Love Magazine’s annual online advent cal is filled with super cool models being festive and goofy. Today’s present? Kendall Jenner getting down in her skivvies with Santa—while Katy Perry’s west coast anthem “California Girls” plays in the background.

50 percent gorgeous and 50 percent awkward-cute, the Cali-native dances alongside a super stoked Santa, showing off her holiday party moves while paying tribute to her home state—in some gorgeous lingerie and a Santa hat, no less. She may not be a professional dancer, but there's no doubt she is a professional supermodel-in-the-making, walking the Chanel runway and landing campaigns, like Estee Lauder, left and right. 

Want to see what other shenanigans our favorite fashion girls get into this month? Check Love’s homepage every day of December, and watch Jenner jam out below!