Kendall Jenner Is Now a Suffragette

and she wants you to rock the vote.

It’s safe to say that Kendall Jenner is good a saleswoman. After all, whatever outfit she’s photographed in instantly sells out. But we already know the model has the ability to make any article of clothing look good enough to become a fashion must-have—what we don't know is whether she can make voting a trend with Millennials.

Apparently, Rock the Vote and the Independent Journal believe she can, and so they made Jenner the latest celebrity to star in a PSA leading up to National Voter Registration Day. 

While the video is intended to inform viewers about the Women’s Suffrage Movement—which is more important than ever, considering the issues concerning women in the upcoming election—we highly doubt that the Suffragettes had stylists, makeup artists, and a designer wardrobe to spread their cause. Watch the clip to see Kendall transform from Suffragette to the modern-day model we all know.

(via ELLE)