The Most Ridiculous Kendall And Kylie Jenner Pac Sun Promo, Ever


In their continuation of strange, absurd, trying-to-be-abstract promotion videos for their Pac Sun collections, Kendall and Kylie Jenner bring you their latest contribution to the cinema: Las Rebeldes. It's just like a Western, if a Western abandoned all of its main ideals—lawlessness, open spaces, sprawl, living by a code of ethics—and instead replaced them with large, brick-wall lofts, selfies, and bizarre camera angles.

Opening with a clipped version of the eerie X-Files theme song, the absurd video clips between shots of Kendall not playing a guitar, flicking cards around, the two sisters walking towards each other and then somehow ending up in the air, and spinning around. It all culminates to a large explosion, as set up by gasps, cold sweats, and a very despondent, "Boom." And what does one do after a fiery explosion? Take a selfie, clearly.

As one of our editors put it, "This is more of a Tarantino appropriation than a Western. This is Robert Rodriquez stuff. This is garbage." But, it's also the things that GIFs are made of—so get ready for 'em folks, they're coming.