future perfect

designer horoscopes? they’re a thing, thanks to kenzo.

by liza darwin

Kenzo's always been cool, but ever since Opening Ceremony founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim took over the label several years ago, it's like the Parisian-born brand can read our minds. Or at least, what our closets are craving, thanks to the company's revamped aesthetic of kaleidoscopic prints and wild animal motifs.

We can count on Kenzo to dictate which trends going to be It next season (I mean, tigers? Who knew?!), but now it's going one step further in predicting the future with a new platform devoted entirely to, yep, astrology. The aptly-titled Kenzodiac launched today, and already we're addicted.

Splashed with Manga illustrations by artist Julien Ceccald, this feature offers advice not only on your basic horoscope categories like career and relationships, but also tells you which Kenzo outfits you should wear (duh) to kick ass all month long. Think of it as a personal shopper-meets-fortune teller…and no matter what your sign is, we've got a feeling some major shopping is in your future.

See your Kenzo-approved horoscope here!