Kérastase’s New Curly Hair Line Is A Game Changer

Prepare to be amazed

If you have curly hair, you know well the anxiety of finally getting your curls’ volume, texture, and overall look to achieve that day-three perfection, only to realize it’s time to wash them—which is to willingly step into the black hole of wonder: Will you actually come out with curls, or will you get the leave-in ratio wrong and be left with fluff and frizz? How much shrinkage will you face? (Shout out to all of the times I’ve been asked the day after a wash if I’ve cut my hair.) Will your curls dry into the shape and cut you spent quite a pretty penny on, or just… not?

Kérastase Paris to the rescue. The brand has just released their first complete regimen “for disciplined curls," and it is everything. I am always one for trying new product for curls, but there are two things that leave me feeling skeptical: promises and mousse. Kérastase’s collection uses Pro-Kératine Complex and Hydrolyzed Elastin and claims that their product will “provide a targeted solution for flyaways, frizz, tangling, and lack of fluidity,” leaving hair defined and malleable. Spoiler alert: it does.

The full regimen includes four products, and each plays an integral role. The Cleansing Conditioner Curl Idéal is essentially a “no poo” cleansing conditioner, that removes dirt but leaves hair moisturized. I was immediately impressed with the scent (the whole kit smells amazing by the way) and how soft my hair felt compared to its usual stripped and dry condition. The Masque Curl Idéal was next and is meant to be left in for a few before rinsing, followed by the Oléo Curl leave-in treatment. Both utilize the Pro-Kératine + Elastin combo to improve the elasticity of hair for better curl definition and movement. I met the final product, Mousse Curl Ideal, with apprehension because the horror that was my crunchy junior high mousse curls is still with me. However, I was shocked to find that my hair remained light and soft, even after a complete air dry. My curls were bouncing all over the place, and the next morning I naturally had the volume and length it usually takes a high ponytail or a twist out to achieve.

I’m two days into life after trying this product and the best part is that my hair has maintained the shape and definition it had after day one. In other words, it’s pretty close to perfect.  

Kérastase Paris, Mousse Curl Idéal, $42, available at Kératase.

Kérastase Paris, Masque Curl Idéal, $62.50, available at Kératase.

Kérastase Paris, Cleansing Conditional Curl Idéal, $48, available at Kératase.

Kérastase Paris, Oléo-Curl, $42, available at Kératase.