Watch Kerry Washington As Anita Hill In The ‘Confirmation’ Trailer

mark your calendars

by daniel barna

Anyone who thought Olivia Pope was Kerry Washington's role of a lifetime might want to think again. The trailer for HBO's new movie Confirmation just dropped, and it features Washington like we've never seen her before. In it, the Scandal star plays Anita Hill, the real life woman who accused Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. At the time, a woman speaking up against such a powerful political figure was virtually unheard of, but that didn't stop Hill from testifying in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

It was a landmark moment in the history of women's rights, and based on the above clip, Washington has just the right amount of gravitas to pull it off. Also set to appear are Jennifer Hudson, Jeffrey Wright, Greg Kinnear as future Vice President Joe Biden, and Wendell Pierce as Clarence Thomas. If you didn't already hate the Supreme Court Justice before, watch this upcoming movie and trust us, you will.

Confirmation premieres on HBO on April 16. Watch the trailer above.