Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images.


Kesha Remains Hopeful, Covering Amazing Grace

the artist sings a cover, since she’s unable to release new music

As you may already know, Kesha has been unable to release any music since filing a lawsuit against her producer, Dr. Luke, back in October for alleged sexual abuse. The case continues, as her latest hearing for the lawsuit is to take place tomorrow.

However, it seems that the artist is trying to maintain a positive outlook. Since announcing last month that she was experimenting with a side project called, ahem, Yeast Infection, the suspended pop star has taken to recording covers since she cannot release anything new of her own. Over the weekend, the fan account @keshatoday posted a bedroom phone recording of the artist singing "Amazing Grace," opening with the heartfelt message to her fans, “I love you guys more than you will ever know, it’s like, mind-blowing."

Last week Kesha took to Instagram to post about the upcoming hearing, saying, “the universe is speaking to me today. I am filled with so much anxiety and hope and nerves and doubt and all my emotions are going crazy. if u pray, I could use one this week. I find out the fate of my career Tuesday...” accompanying an image of “life’s full of bumps” emblazoned on a highway overpass.