This Emotional Speech From Kesha Is Required Viewing

“Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Up Against Any Injustice You Experience.”

by daniel barna

For those who feared that Kesha would be silenced after a Supreme Court Judge refused to grant her a preliminary injunction against Sony and Dr. Luke last month, don't worry. She isn't going anywhere. Actually, it could be argued that the opposite has happened. Rather than play the victim, we're seeing a Kesha reborn, and her speech at the 2016 Nashville Equality Dinner Saturday might just have been her coming out party. 

Kesha was on hand to accept The Human Rights Campaign's Visibility Award for her staunch opposition towards, and tireless efforts in raising awareness against the harrassment and abuse of LGBT youth. Understandably emotional, she continued to thank all of her supporters including high profile peers like Taylor Swift, Adele, and most notably, Lady Gaga

"Fame is strange and unnatural and I'm grateful for it mainly because it has put me in a position where I can actually do something positive for the world, and that is really the best part of it," Kesha told the supportive audience. "I love writing songs and I love making music, but this is the most rewarding part of it."

Kesha went on to describe her youth as a self-proclaimed "misfit" who never quite fit in and how—even after her career exploded on the strength of mega-hits like "TiK ToK," and "We R Who We R"—she still felt like an outlier in the world of maisntream pop. It's a quality Kesha takes pride in, that has informed her support of the LGBT community. As she said Saturdaym "My message today is don't be afraid to speak up against any injustice you experience...Don't let people scare or shame you into changing the things about you that make you unique."

Watch Kesha's moving speech above.