Kesha Releases A Stripped-Down Video For “Rainbow”

Her album is out today

Today is the day every Animal has been waiting the past five years for, Kesha’s new project. It’s already hit number one on the iTunes album chart and received well-deserved praise, with the singer set to tour to promote it. Continuing her streak, the singer released a music video for her titular track, “Rainbow,” today. 

There are no pig masks or choreography present, just the pop star in the studio singing, with a sweeping string orchestra backing her. It’s intimate and honest, like the project itself. “‘Rainbow’ was the beginning,” the singer wrote on Instagram. “That song and the lyrics were a letter to myself promising that I was going to take care of myself going forward and that I was going to be okay.”

Over the past years, Kesha’s shown a kind of vulnerability, not many pop stars are comfortable with displaying. After battling an exhausting ongoing legal battle with Dr. Luke and a stint in rehab, she writes for Refinery29 that “what’s left of my heart is fucking pure gold and no one can touch that.” She continues: “Lord knows I never knew if I would make it to today. I am so very grateful that I have.” So are we. It’s good to have her back—glitter and all.