Kesha Belts Out Powerful Performance Of “True Colors”


by Lisa Eppich

Kesha made it loud and clear last night—she has nothing to apologize for.

In an emotional performance we've been waiting for all week, Kesha belted out a soulful version of Zedd's “True Colors” in the middle of his Coachella set, announcing to the world that she won’t back down from her lawsuit with Dr. Luke or be intimidated into lying about what happened to her.  

This, of course, comes in the wake of her case against Sony being thrown out by a New York judge who believes that “every rape is not a gender-motivated hate crime” which outraged pretty much... everyone. To add insult to injury, Kesha also recently alleged that Sony agreed to release her from her contract if she publicly apologized and denied that Dr. Luke raped her, but she’s remained defiant and garnered support from hordes of fans, celebrities, and women who refuse to allow society to continue to shame rape survivors.

All of this makes the lyrics of “True Colors” all the more poignant—“I’ll show you my, my true colors/No, no, no, no, I won’t apologize for the fire in my eyes/Let me show you my, my true colors, it ain’t no rainbow.” Although high-res video of the performance hasn't been released yet, fans rushed to post clips on Twitter and Youtube showcasing the strength and power of the singer's voice. Oh, and that outfit? Kesha dominated in a lace black dress draped with an ethereal black gown and topped off with a witchy black hat—basically the most Coachella outfit you could wear to Coachella. But the magical, powerful vibe was a perfect match for the strength of her song. With her silhouette strong and swaggering against a backdrop of exploding and dissolving drops of colors, it was a defiant, triumphant moment for a woman who will not, and should not back down.

Check out Kesha’s full performance below.