Everything About This Charades Fail on Fallon Is Squirm Worthy

oh, please, make all of this stop

Okay, yes, we have perhaps been covering the Kardashians a bit too much today. However—however—there is something so abjectly cringeworthy about this clip that we simply could not in good conscience keep it off of our page.

Above, you will see Khloé Kardashian attempting, and failing, at charades on Wednesday’s The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Her competitors Fallon and Norman Reedus, and teammate Danny DeVito aren't exactly shining stars of this ancient art, either. In fact, everyone pretty much flops. 

This is excruciating and wonderful to watch (though mostly excruciating). After this, we are never picking any of these people to be on our charades team (or run down a beach) ever.