Ki:Theory Kitty Hawk Music Video

she’s part kitten, part hawk—and our new favorite superhero.

by rebecca willa davis

I've never been into comic books or graphic novels, but if I had to name a favorite superhero it just might be Kitty Hawk.

She's part kitten, part hawk, and totally bad-ass--and she's the out there fighting evil on our behalf in the new music video for Ki:Theory.

The track, from Richmond, Virginia's Joel Burleson (yes, Ki:Theory's a solo project for the producer) off of his upcoming album Kitty Hawk (out October 29), sounds a bit like Gorillaz covering Sleigh Bells. Think table-pounding beats, screeching guitars, and storytelling lyrics that really could be turned into a feature-length film. (Kitty Hawk saves Batman as he tries to save Gotham, once again, etc.)

See what I mean below--we've got the exclusive premiere of the video. Then go ahead, plan out your Kitty Hawk costume for Halloween.