kickflip by bluelounge

An easier way to work…

by Christian Lavery

No one can solve those minor yet annoying tech-related problems quite like the people behind Bluelounge. From corralling messy wires to functional charging solutions for every device you own, they tackle it all. And it’s always in the simplest way possible--something we love about them. So when looking to make our workspace more comfortable, we were waiting to see what the design studio had in store.

Giving laptops a little extra boost, the Bluelounge Kickflip elevates your MacBook into an ergonomic position making it easier to work. But there’s no bulk involved. The Kickflip is thin and inconspicuous, attaching to your computer through a high-tech, German engineered gel adhesive that forms a strong bond with your laptop to hold firm, yet can be removed and used again without leaving behind residue.

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KickFlip from Bluelounge on Vimeo.