Image Via Kiiara/Instagram


Kiiara’s “Say Anymore” Is The Realest Sex Anthem Of The Week

(oops) oh my!

If you haven't been keeping up with the musical adventures of Kiiara, best you get started now. The 20-year-old singer/writer/producer/total package is on her way up, based on an ardent following of Soundcloud and Beats1 fans, her brains, and her tracks. As has been reported, she was a part-time hardware-store clerk who busted out the addictive “Gold” in her bedroom at night. Respect.

Following that up is her most recent drop, “Say Anymore,” a brilliant, plinking track that shivers with anxious sexuality. Take a listen. It'll make As of now, Kiiara's got no album, and her Meet Me in the Cornfields EP doesn’t even have a release date yet. Essentially, you’ve still got a chance to be a ground-floor stan with this woman. She’s gonna be a whole, fat deal.