the hip hop star tells us what’s really good in the hood.

by ray siegel

The last time we hit up Orlando was on a trip to Disney World with our parents, so hip hop vocalist Kilo Kish's more adult guide to her hometown sounds considerably more entertaining than some one-on-one time with a man in the giant mouse costume. One reason being that it's one of the only places left on earth where really cheap vintage—as in $3 cheap—still exists. Plus, Kish pointed us in the direction of some authentic spots that we're pretty sure won't turn up in any other Dirty South guide. Don't call her George Foreman, but the girl does happen to know the best place to buy a grill.

The Best Place To Get Weird Vintage: Etoile Boutique (2424 East Robinson Street)

"It's a cute vintage store that was one of the first to open in my area. Since it's opened it's gotten a lot bigger. They always have really cute '90s clothing. At the time I was into that, so I got this crazy acid-wash jumper that had this huge puffy skirt attached to it with a denim overall top. I used to wear it to school all the time and would people would be like, "Why do you have that on?" But I loved it. Then when I was going through my designer phase I cut it up and made a ton of wallets out of it."

Best Place To Get Ice Cream: Goff's (64 N Orange Ave)

"My grandpa used to take me there after I went fishing with him.They have the best ice cream ever and it's been there forever. I'm really plain when it comes to my favorite ice cream: vanilla with chocolate sprinkles or the vanilla and chocolate twist."

Best Place To Get A Grill (For Your Teeth, Not Your Steak): The Magic Mall (2155 W Colonial Dr)

"It's a super hood flea market that's open five days a week. It's mostly streetcar clothes and super cheap grills. It's a good attraction. I used to go there just for fun because it's so ridiculous."

The Best Place To Go Thrifting: Goodwill Family Store, Colonial (10525 East Colonial Drive)

"The Goodwill's and Salvation Army's in Orlando are really good. I got an amazing, brand new Minolta camera from 1978 for $20. I looked it up online and it's worth $300. It's the best camera I have and I found it on the bottom shelf. The clothes there are awesome and as cheap as secondhand stuff should be. They have T-shirts, summer dresses, little floral dresses, cute cut-off denim shorts. T-shirts cost $3 and dresses only cost $5, but they're the kind of Tt-shirts that people usually pay $80, like Harley Davidson, old sports teams, and good soft '90s tees with rips in them. They have Britney Spears tour shirts and ones from other pop stars, which are really funny. They've got completely different taste, so you get all the cool stuff left for you."

Best Place To Get Sake While Looking At Art: Tatame (223 West Fairbanks Avenue)

"It's a sake bar that has DJs and cool art exhibits. It's where I went to go get a drink on my 18th birthday. The owner of the bar had super cool japanese Japanese paintings—I remember there being really good art there."

Best Place To Dance To Southern Rap: Antiguas (46 W Church St)

"Here's where to go if you feel like dancing in a really weird club. When you leave you'll smell like blunts and cigarettes, but they play really good Southern rap and good dancing music. In Orlando, girls can go to clubs when they're 18, but guys need to be 21."