Kim Kardashian 8th Grade Video

and it’s amazing.

by blair cannon

In case you didn’t already know, yesterday marked superstar Kim Kardashian’s 34th birthday, but it turns out that we're the ones getting the gift this week. That present comes in the form of this video just released by ET of Kardashian at her 8th grade graduation 20 years ago, which comes with some seriously wild quotes.

First of all, Kim starts the video by asserting that she’s pretty much going to be famous one day—a little eerie, don’t you think? She calls herself a “beautiful little girl” and despite her, ahem, interesting haircut, we have to give her props for looking way better than we did in 8th grade. 

Kim K. goes on to talk about how she’s the most popular girl in school and how everyone loves her the most and goes so far as to claim that she is “the dopest on the ropest" person in class. We may have never heard this term before but we’re pretty sure it’s a good thing. [ED. NOTE: This is because said writer was not a teen in the '90s.] We’re also guessing that Kanye saw the vid too because he tweeted a shoutout to “the dopest wife & mom” today. 

Check it out for yourself to see Kim’s ‘90s middle school style, her camera-hogging shenanigans, and even Kris Jenner’s cringe-worthy dance moves (which we are still trying to forget).