all photos by jean-paul goude courtesy of paper magazine

kim kardashian’s ass stars in this month’s paper magazine

“girl I ain’t ever seen an ass like that.”

When I first saw Paper Magazine's Kim Kardashian cover yesterday evening, I stopped, stared, and then kept scrolling on my news feed. No way that's a real cover, I thought. It's awesome. But no way...right? 

But the covers—shot by Jean-Paul Goude and starring Kardashian-West's completely unbelievable ass—are indeed real. And yes, they were designed and executed with one mission in mind: to "break the Internet."

And while the covers—one featuring an oiled-up, naked Kim, and the other showing the reality TV star balancing a glass of champagne on her derrière in homage to the photographer's "Champagne Incident"—are doing a hell of a job doing so (we're sure this will spark an infinite amount of commentary on race, sex, class, and ass everywhere), the one thing that's really breaking us? Kanye West's tweet...


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