Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images

kim kardashian was woken up by a drunk naked woman

terrifying and hilarious

Close your eyes and imagine, for a moment, that you're one of the most highly publicized celebrities in the world. You're in Cannes, sleeping soundly in your (presumably) massive hotel suite and having Yeezy, tech-filled dreams, when all of a sudden you wake up to a violent banging at your door. I don't remember ordering room service, you think. Sleepwalking pregnancy happenings, I suppose. You open the door and instead of a tray of pickles and chocolate, you find a drunk, naked woman. She's trying to use her AMEX to open the room, but, as you've learned, black cards can get you quite far, but they can't open every door in life. You whip out your phone and take a video, "as a reminder of why [you] never tolerated drinking 2 much!" 

Now open your eyes. You just lived out Kim Kardashians' 4 a.m. reality. Congratulations. (Seriously, this happened to her last night. Check the tweets below.)