Kim Kardashian Reveals She’s Had Snapchat This Whole Time

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It's been one of the world's great mysteries, along with "why is the sly blue?" and "how come the ocean's wet?" Why isn't Kim Kardashian, queen of the overshare, on Snapchat? The woman who turned selfies into an art form has teased us before about joining the fastest rising social media platform out there, but as far as we knew she hadn't yet. Well it turns out we know nothing, Jon Snow.

On Kim BFF Jonathan Cheban's story yesterday, Kardashian told the world aka all of Jonathan Cheban's followers that she in fact did have a Snapchat account that she used only to "lurk and stalk people." Wait, why else do people use Snapchat? 

Kim was bored in London one night and Kanye was snoring next to her. Not really snoring, but like sort of passed out. Wait, let her tell it.