Kim Kardashian Has a Major New PSA

#savethedata, everyone.

If there's one thing we can always expect from Super Bowl commercials (besides the requisite beer and boobs), it's Celebrities Asking Us to Do Things. In a new ad for T-Mobile, Kim Kardashian has become the latest celeb to shed light on a cause—though the "cause" in point may not be so charitable after all.

The reality star uses her status as a "famous person" to bring attention to T-Mobile's Data Stash campaign in a PSA-styled commercial, telling the world about the tragic loss of data most cellphone users experience each month. T-Mobile's campaign gives back users their paid-for yet unused data which they can then use for a number of important tasks—like looking at truly important things: all of Kim's selfies, outfits, and more. It's obvious that this is a cause very near and dear to her.

With a book of selfies on the way and a minor tendency to break the internet, Kim Kardashian is unquestionably the queen of capitalizing onher appearance, and we can't help but respect her unabashed dedication to the upkeep of her selfie-obsessed reputation. We're happy to see that the 34-year-old has no problem laughing at herself, and this Super Bowl ad definitely shows a refreshing side of her.

One question though: Will Data Stash help me become an A-list celeb in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood?