king krule at alife recap video

Videographer Sean Phazes captures the King’s vibe…

by Josh Madden

Living in New York City has its pros and cons: the rent is ridiculous, the smells the summer brings are less than savory and there is no such thing as silence. But then again, the pizza does grow on trees, the coffee is amazing, and the parties are legendary. Speaking of legendary parties, the ALIFE backyard sessions continue to provide the highest level of entertainment and fellowship this city has to offer. If you can make it in to the iconic Lower East Side's backyard for one of these events, not only will you indubitably enjoy an experience money can't buy, but you'll also see old friends and make new ones.

Speaking of friends, we ran into our videographer buddy, Sean Phazes at this week's King Krule session and the first thing we asked him was "What are you doing with that footage man?!?!" The Chicago native moved to New York two years ago and has been capturing and editing footage every free moment he gets since then. Sean always captures the authentic feel of these experiences and luckily for anyone who missed the amazing show we've got the video below. He's currently working on building his foundation/company, "LIFEINFILM", which is based on his work, and love of film. Everything he shoots reflects back to real life in some way, true emotion, and culture/art through the beauty of film. Check out his work HERE and follow ALIFE HERE to find out when their next Backyard Session is...if you're not in the city it's worth the trip, trust us.