Good LIstener

the perfect weekend needs the perfect playlist.

by nylon

Vaults- "Cry No More"

A weekend playlist can usually go one of two directions: pump-up party music, or mellowed-out jams. Today definitely falls into the latter category (Fashion Week exhaustion will do that to you), and there's no better way to chill out than with Vaults' debut single. Two weeks after they popped up online, this London band remains a total internet mystery--nobody knows who these guys are, where they came from, or what their deal is. But if the gorgeous track below is any indication, this group is going places. Peppered with twinkly beats and soaring synths that swallow you up and spit you out three minutes later, "Cry No More" is a airy sonic whirlwind that's practically begging for the remix treatment (The Weeknd, you listening?). But for now, ease into Friday with some sparkly pop and get ready to relax. LIZA DARWIN

Heavenly Beat - "Honest"

Don't let the breathy vocals and pitter-patter beat fool you--this track off of John Pena's forthcoming album Prominence (out October 15 on Captured Tracks) is a far cry from dream pop. "How bad does it seem? You don't have to be honest," he moans. Well if we were to be honest, we'd say we haven't been able to stop listening to this track since it landed in our inbox. REBECCA WILLA DAVIS

Sohn - "Lessons"

The most recent release from British producer Sohn is a hypnotic and affecting track fit for the coming autumn. A pulsing loop of heavy synth runs beneath Sohn's restrained vocals, and the upsurge around the two minute mark cements the fact that this is just what we want on our fall playlist. ALISON IVES

MO - "XXX 88 ft. Diplo"

Hailing from Copenhagen, our latest Scandinavian obsession has a heart of gold. Sickly sweet harmonies and symphonic brass blasts mark MO's latest single as a prime candidate for the repeat button. Not to mention the music video. From the gold motorcycle get-up to her tightly braided 'do, we're trying to figure out if she can get any more badass. Questions relating to the appropriate dance moves for this song can be directed toward the desert scenes (bonus points if you can spot the Diplo cameo). And if you're trying to figure out how to Google her, try "Option + O." It'll help. CHANTAL STRASBURGER

Kings of Leon - "Dancing on My Own" (Robyn cover)

We thought Robyn's "Dancing on My Own" couldn't get any better after Girls' Hannah tweets "all adventurous women do" and breaks into dance with Marnie. (Yo, girl!) But Kings of Leon's cover of the electro anthem becomes just as irresistible with their slow, whiskey-drenched version. Stripping the synth and adding heavy guitar makes you realize just how honest and sad the song really is. MELODY KITCHENS