kisai rorschach watch by tokyoflash japan

Displaying time in a new way…

by Christian Lavery

Swiss physiologist Herman Rorschach developed the eponymous inkblot test as a way to examine individual’s personality characteristics based off how they perceived the specific pattern. Now, Tokyoflash is using inkblots as a way to display the time on its latest watch (and FYI, you should be seeing numbers, not some abstract four-legged figure).

Made of stainless steel with options for either a leather or stainless steel strap, the Kisai Rorshach is only 6.2mm thin and the first timepiece from the innovative watch company to use an ePaper display. Offering three different difficulty modes, hours are shown in the top right while minutes are located in the bottom left, leaving the remainder of the screen to function as a reflection that ultimately creates the inkblot effect. Equipped with an alarm as well as a power saving sleep mode function, head over to the Tokyoflash website to learn more.