rimmel london expands ms. moss’ lipstick line.

by faran krentcil

When Kate Moss designs - or even wears - something, it sells out faster than Coachella tickets. Her Topshop collection continuously disappeared from racks at record speed; her Longchamp bags were likewise a retail hit. Even her Supreme posters, shot by Terry Richardson for the skatewear brand, got stolen or vandalized faster than any of their other campaigns, including the one with Lady Gaga. Rimmel seems to understand The Power of Kate, and they've given the 38-year-old London icon a bit more leeway to flaunt it. This season, Rimmel releases 11 colors under their Kate Moss capsule collection, created with the model to represent her most iconic fashion pouts. The shades include a bloodstained red (like the one she sported for the legendary makeup artist Kevin Aucoin), a deep purple popular during her cropped hair phase, and a muddy nude like the ones worn when Kate first rose to fame in the early '90s. It's been difficult for us to track down the lipsticks in the US, but thanks to the ASOS Department of International Trend Outreach, we can now buy them online for about $10 each.

Kate in the Rimmel London offices.