A new way to see menswear…

by Josh Madden


In the ever changing landscape of fashion-meets-the-internet--and a world where we're not sure of how much of a good thing is too much--a new website aptly named

is born. Close your eyes and imagine a clean webpage, envision a single photo of a model in a professionally styled look with a few clickable hotspots. What is this? What do these hotspots do? Well first let's back up and tell you a little bit about the idea that birthed this site: As the story goes, the designers were sitting around with some friends complaining about different aspects of shopping on line and different "swaggified" menswear sites when they decided to create something that would simply provide a guide and point views to the different sources. So a year later

was launched with the sartorial guidance of professional stylists and the design-approach normally reserved for corporate giants. Viewers can browse the archives--there is one post a day--and even check out where to purchase items. The aesthetic is multi-dimesional as the Knowwear team consists of an array of varying tastes. The site is only a few months old but you can check out their archive 


. We're looking forward to watching these guys grow and we've even heard chatter that they're already working on a girls site.