photos by STEVEN KLEIN for interview

patti smith interviewed kristen stewart and it was beautiful

for ‘interview’ magazine

How do you get the notoriously press-shy Kristen Stewart to open up to a journalist? If you're Interview magazine, you make that journalist Patti Smith, AKA the coolest human being alive.

Smith, who once said she'd love to see Stewart play her in a planned adaption of her memoir Just Kids, interviewed the actress for Interview's Spring fashion issue. She spends most of the interview asking Stewart deep questions about her work and the artistic process, avoiding more gotcha topics like Stewart's well-documented disdain for fame and her even more well-documented love life. These are two serious artists talking seriously about art. You can read some of the highlights below, and click through the gallery to see the rest of the neon-lit, Steven Klein-shot pics. 

She’s cool with you talking smack about Twilight: “Anybody who wants to talk shit about Twilight, I completely get it, but there's something there that I'm endlessly, and to this day, fucking proud of. My memory of it felt—still feels—really good.

She’s shared her writing with Patti Smith: (Smith speaking) “But the thing is, you are good at what you do, but you're young. You have lots of ideas. You've let me read some of your writing—your ideas are good.”

Her favorite part of acting is not acting: “It's funny because all that shit is what I like most. [laughs] I love that feeling, sitting around on set and being like, "Ugh, it's another fucking four hours until we can go do what we've been planning to do for months."

She’s a multidisciplinary artist: “I'm writing a poem for the wedding of one of my best friends. And that's oddly taken up a lot of me, recently. I'm trying to develop a little more faith in my hand, because everything that I do in terms of productivity is always really cerebral. So I've made a few paintings. I'm trying to find a crew, too, because I really want to start making my own movies. I just need to find my guys. I need to find a DP, most importantly. I have a couple of producers who are helping me with that. You read my short.”

(via Interview)