Kristen Stewart Got Mega Competitive On ‘The Tonight Show’

    Who Knew?

    by · January 06, 2016

    So it looks like Kristen Stewart is getting pretty good at this whole talk show thing.

    There was a time when the mere sight of a man in a suit behind a desk made the notoriously shy actress crawl out of her skin, but based on her Tuesday appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, those days might be over. Stewart was surprisingly spirited, when she and Fallon faced off in “The Whisper Challenge”, a game where a contestant wearing noise-canceling headphones must try and guess what the other one is saying.

    Somehow, Stewart gleaned “Close the door to my roof” from Fallon’s impressive take on the iconic Scarface call to arms “Say hello to my little friend,” proving that this game is in fact a lot harder than it looks. “I hate losing! I hate it!” Stewart said.

    The Clouds of Sils Maria star eventually redeemed herself with “Kung Fu Panda” (though she did get a little help from Fallon’s tiger stance). But when it came to reciting Matthew McConaughey’s iconic “All right, All Right, All Right,” Stewart revealed two things: She’s never seen Dazed and Confused, and she may or may not know who Matthew McConaughey is. Watch Stewart’s most delightful talk show appearance to date, above.

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