Kwamie Liv Follow You

straight from our music issue and into your summer playlist.

by melissa giannini

We've been captivated by Kwamie Liv's scant recordings and lo-res profile pic since she quietly uploaded "5 AM" to SoundCloud this past winter. So much so, in fact, that we invited ourselves to Copenhagen, where she records with Baby Duka on a floating yurt, for a feature in NYLON’s music issue (on newsstands now).

Today she dropped her first video, for "Follow You," off her forthcoming debut EP, and we haven't been able to tear our eyes or ears away from its slow seduction and eerie electronics since.

In the video, the singer-songwriter strolls back and forth down a dark, nearly deserted tunnel toward a light at the end that she never quite reaches, like a secret that's drawn out forever and never revealed, but never stops being riveting.